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Top Dental Marketing Strategies

Top Dental Marketing Strategies

Getting the word about your practice out to the public is not what it used to be. Dental marketing strategies must be appropriate to the way we live. When you need to find a business or a service provider, do you consult with a phone book or a newspaper? Probably not, because few people use those media today. TV and radio advertising may still be relevant if your target audience is a demographic that doesn’t use computers, but that’s a rarity today. Most young adults, for example, don’t even know what a Yellow Pages is, and certainly have never touched one. There’s only one place people go to look up a business or local service provider: online.

Do you need dental marketing strategies for your practice? Contact Patient Prospectors today at 877-925-8007 to learn about the marketing strategies we can use to enhance your business.

Email Marketing

We’ve all experienced the presence of spam clogging up our inboxes, but email marketing is different. Since the recipients are already patients and willing community subscribers, we make sure the emails coming from your practice are full of information they actually want. Our email marketing techniques (1) give recipients relevant information about promotions, new products, and services, (2) increase traffic to your website, and (3) educate patients on industry trends and news.

Email marketing is a great digital resource, since it is extremely low cost, but yields high return on investment. It also puts you in total control of the messages, which you can tweak as you like. Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your patients, helps establish on-going relationships, and encourages your patients see you as a meaningful part of their lives.

Search Engine Optimization

Say “search engine,” and most people only think of one or two sites to use for information searches. At Patient Prospectors we understand how Google and Bing work, and we use this knowledge to give you the maximum exposure to potential patients. Certain keywords lead to more clicks, and your ranking on Google searches has a great impact on your exposure to new patients. Your existing web site, as well, can determine how well your business ranks on Google, as there are more than 100 factors on your site that can influence search results.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns are an important part of a digital marketing plan. Search engine marketing (SEM) involves placing targeted ads in search engine results. Patient Prospectors does extensive research before placing ads for your practice, taking into account the geographic reach, time of day, keywords used (and negative keyword searches). We also use Google AdWords certified staff. One of the best things about PPC is that the results are incredibly measurable, which makes it a great opportunity to track return on investment.

Maximize Social Media Exposure

Setting up a profile for your practice on Facebook or Twitter, and adding updates sporadically is not enough. Since so many communication functions now take place on Facebook, you’ll want your business to have a broad presence on social media, from advertising, to sharing promotions, industry information, and sponsored posts.

In our private lives, Facebook is a great place to share photos, tell friends about something that happened to us, and share funny things that amuse us. A great dental marketing strategy is to create opportunities for your practice to fill these same functions in ways that are professionally appropriate, and build the value of your brand. Making your social media presence fun and informative, while providing a platform for patients reviews, will ensure you have a lasting and wide-reaching presence. Social media can also provide an alternate customer support channel that many patients will appreciate.

Other Dental Marketing Strategies – Online Presence

In addition to email, social media, and search engine optimization, there are several other tools Patient Prospectors uses to track and enhance your online presence. We can run reports on patient reviews and develop an online reputation strategy to make sure negative reviews are addressed the right way and positive reviews get seen. We also offer free local visibility reports so you can see how big or small your presence actually is.

Don’t leave your online presence up to chance. Patient Prospectors can measure, analyze and track the digital steps that will bring more new patients into your office. Contact us today at 877-925-8007 to learn about online marketing strategies to boost your business.

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