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Reactivating Past Patients: An Easy Revenue Boost

Reactivating Past Patients: An Easy Revenue Boost


Are you are looking for low-cost ways to boost your practice’s revenue? Who isn’t? Targeting past patients is a great dental marketing strategy that makes great use of three of the most cost-efficient marketing pathways: email marketing, text or phone messaging, and direct mail.

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Reconnect With Past Patients

According to the 2013 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, only about 65% of Americans get regular dental care. This means you probably have a lot of former patients out there who didn’t leave your practice for another provider, but have simply fallen off of their routine schedule of oral health visits.

This can happen to plenty of well intentioned patients. Sometimes a work or domestic responsibility requires a patient to cancel an appointment, and he or she never gets around to rescheduling. The longer patients go without rescheduling, the less likely they are to think about it. Patients who travel frequently for work may fall into this pattern. For whatever reason, without a scheduled appointment waiting on their calendar, many patients just forget to attend to routine dental care. Beyond friendly reminders, there’s only so much a practice can do to encourage patients to make and keep oral health appointments.

Additionally, many Americans are still uninsured, and therefore only see a dentist when a problem presents. If any of your past patients fit into this category, they may be more likely to seek routine care if a special offer is extended.

Start With A Special Offer

Creating a special discount or program for returning patients is a great way to give patients an incentive to come back. Make it worth their while to return to you, rather than start fresh with another provider. A “We Miss You” promotion, coupled with some gentle messages that “prevention is more affordable than restoration” can go a long way towards bringing patients back.

Segment Past Patients

Segment patients into phone, email, direct mail, and/or texting campaigns to advertise the special deal you’ll be offering to returning patients. Email marketing is a great way to customize messages for past patients and add those light informative messages on the importance of preventive treatments.

Get the Tone Right

Regardless of the reason why they discontinued treatment with your practice, most patients will feel uncomfortable about being contacted if the tone of the material isn’t welcoming and free from judgment. No one wants a phone call informing you that your last appointment was three years ago and you are now two and a half years past due on your dental exam! Avoid any techniques that may make patients feel they owe you any explanation for their absence. Extend your campaign with a series of periodic email marketing aimed at both past and present patients.

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