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How to Leverage Google and Facebook Pay Per Click to Get New Patients

How to Leverage Google and Facebook Pay Per Click to Get New Patients

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an extraordinary strategy to make your practice stand front and center when prospective patients go looking for a dentist. This form of advertising is proven to have a substantial return on investment, and tends to feel like part of the natural searching process for potential clients, as opposed to other more obtrusive forms of advertising. Learn what Google PPC for dentists can do for your business; call Patient Prospectors today and we’ll put our team of Google AdWords-trained staff to work building you a pay-per-click campaign to bring new clients through your doors.

We have wonderful success stories at Patient Prospectors. In one case, our dental client had 25 new patients only three days into their PPC ad placement. Wow! Call us at 877-925-8007 or contact us online and we’ll help your practice grow!

What is PPC Advertising?

When you search on Google, your results page will have a few ads at the top of the page. These ads look just like Google search results, but you’ll notice they have a small yellow box on the left side marked “Ad.” When you purchase a PPC ad, you choose the keywords that will bring up your ad, so patients looking for “dentist in (your town)” will see your website before all others. As the name implies, you only pay each when a searcher clicks on your ad.

Benefits of PPC

  • Quick Set Up and Immediate Results
  • Flexible Cost, Easy Adaptability
  • You Control the Ads
  • Easy Access to Trackable Data
  • Positive ROI for Your Advertising Dollars

But beware, as Google PPC for dentists can quickly drain an advertising budget if several factors aren’t aligned just right. For example, ad copy, keywords, timing of ads, segmenting and geographic targeting need to be optimized when you place and update your ad, or you may wind up with lots of clicks and few new patients.

What can PPC do for you?

The most notable effects of a well-crafted PPC ad will be an increase in new patient leads and growing your client base. Within days, you may notice the phone is ringing more than usual and within months you may see an increase in appointments and regular patients.

Research has shown that searchers click on this type of advertising more than other ads, such as pop-ups, which are viewed as annoying and intrusive. Since the ad comes up as the result of a google search, it is relevant to what they are looking for. With the right leveraging we can help you make sure that you get the clicks that lead to new business and an increase in revenue.

Facebook Advertising for Dentists

PPC is available through Google as well as Facebook. If you already use Facebook for social media marketing, PPC is an excellent complement to your dental page. Facebook ads can drive potential clients to see your photos, blogs and other engaging and informative content.

Getting the Most out of Your PPC Campaign

If you are going to try it alone, here are our favorite tips for making your PPC dollars go farther to get you seen by prospective patients.

1. Build a Strong Keywords List

Your chosen keywords are the ticket to getting the clicks that produce good leads. Keywords should be relevant, exhaustive, and broad. This also includes building a negative keyword list, to make sure your ad doesn’t show up where it is not relevant to a search.

2. Adjust and Monitor Your PPC Campaign Regularly

Setting up a PPC campaign does not mean you can sit back and watch the phone start ringing. Regularly devoting some time to monitoring tweaking and optimizing your variables is the best way to make PPC work for you. After set-up, this may only require 15-20 minutes per week, which is a minor time commitment if you are serious about growing your business.

3. Use Analytical Tools to Monitor Your Campaign

There are several tools to help you analyze the success of your PPC campaign, such AdWords Performance Grader. These free tools do the work for you to let you know what is working and what isn’t. Don’t try to monitor the numbers yourself, when an automated tool can do it for you.

If this sounds like more than you want to get into, call Patient Prospectors and we’ll do the work for you. As we mentioned, we have had many success stories with our dental clients and our staff has the training and experience to make PPC work for you.

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