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How to Keep Appointments Booked by Leveraging Email Marketing

How to Keep Appointments Booked by Leveraging Email Marketing

Perhaps the easiest, most cost-effective marketing strategy is email marketing for dentists—so why don’t more practices take advantage of it? The problem is that it takes forethought and man-hours to be successful. You need to have something worth sharing. If you decide to establish an email newsletter, you’ll also want to maintain a regular monthly schedule for delivery, and some months may be harder to keep up with than others.

But the bottom line is that email marketing for dentists is a great way to:

  • Boost referrals
  • Solicit online reviews
  • Reactivate past patients
  • Keep your brand visible to patients between biannual appointments

Email marketing for dentists has one of the highest ROI of any marketing strategy, with the average being nearly $39 for every $1 spent. With potential gains like that, it would be a waste not to try it. Once you decide to devote some energy to it, you’ll see it really is a do-able, low-overhead tool that can enhance all your marketing goals.

Setting the Tone

The last thing any of us want to see in our inbox is spam. When you plan your email marketing strategies a key part of your approach should be making sure your emails don’t look or feel like junk mail, focusing especially on the subject line. Referencing current promotions and popular services is a standard way to generate interest, but a better approach is to target subject lines to specific segments and marketing goals.

  • Trying to reactivate old patients? Write a subject line that calls to them specifically (without making them feel cruddy for missing appointments).
  • Looking for referrals? Write a subject line that advertises a referral benefit to the reader and the friend he refers. Don’t be vague or clever, just put it out there.
  • Working on your online reputation and visibility? Invite patients to share their experiences and rate you on Google, Yelp or your other online aggregators.

Ultimately, many of your subscribers will not open the email when they see it, but if you appeal to rotating segments of your group, you’re more likely to have your email marketing materials read.

Newsletters Promote Community and Brand Visibility

Newsletters in general tend to get more clicks than single subject email marketing, since readers won’t know what treats lie inside until they view it. While the backbone of a newsletter should be informative content, don’t leave out the same type material you put in your social media. Take advantage of all the patients out there with fond memories from your office, and invite them to feel like part of your community by keeping up with your latest news. A well-written newsletter that reflects the culture of your office will be read by more subscribers than you think.

Many newsletters use a high-interest article or blog to encourage readers to click. Modern users absolutely love taking infotainment breaks to read short articles with compelling hooks. Whether they are waiting in line at the DMV, or clearing out their inbox, there are plenty of occasions for a high-interest newsletter article to be read. Content doesn’t need to use scare tactics, but it should focus on an aspect of oral health that no one should be able to ignore. If a newsletter article is good enough to be shared, your brand will be seen alongside it.

Email Marketing for Dentists – How to Do It

It’s always best to devote a skilled team member to email marketing for consistency and accountability. If you don’t have the man hours to spare, Patient Prospectors can provide email marketing services for you. Call Patient Prospectors at 877-925-8007 and we’ll help you design an email marketing strategy to further your long-term goals and keep your appointments booked!

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