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Four Ways a Great Dental Website Design Brings in More Patients

Man working on a great dental website design

Your dental website is the initial introduction to your practice. Once a prospective patient visits your landing page, you have about three to seven seconds to make a compelling impression. If your content and design are unappealing, or pertinent information is outdated and difficult to locate, the majority of users will leave at the eight-second mark.

At Patient Prospectors, we are equipped with trained professionals who can deliver top-notch copy, high-quality design, and an increase in your click and conversion rates. What sets us a part from other marketing and web designers? We are experts in dental websites. By implementing a few simple tips, a great dental website design can increase your online traffic and convert a viewer to a new and loyal patient.

Attractive and User-Friendly

What does your website communicate about you? If your website comes across as outdated, disorganized, and difficult to navigate, that translates to the viewer that you are unprofessional and unqualified. That’s never the kind of impression you want to display to a potential patient.

Did you know that something as simple as a one second delay in the speed of your website could result in reduced conversions? Today’s Internet user wants to be entertained and expects instant gratification. That translates to maintaining a modern website that is easy to navigate with clear and concise call to actions. Some of the key ways to do that includes:

  • A compelling home page with engaging imaging
  • A warm and inviting “About the Practice” page
  • Easy ways to contact you and learn more
  • Easy readability on all devices (desktop, laptop, and smartphone)

Fresh and Educational Content

Creating a website with current and stimulating content throughout your site will increase your chances of repeated engagement. The goal is to keep the viewer scrolling and desiring more information. You can do this by incorporating a blog with educational content and exciting video. Continually peaking the user’s curiosity and giving them an active role on your site will not only bring in new patients, but keep your current patients coming back for more.

Social Media Engagement

In addition to having a well designed website with relevant content, it’s also important to create a strong presence on social media to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and rankings. Search engines, such as Google, base your SEO ranking on the recency of content and level of patient interaction on your social media channels. Having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are vital to a successful digital marketing strategy.

The more you encourage patients to share and interact with you on social media, the sooner you will see a return on your investment with new patients walking through the door. Things to consider when looking at your social media channels:

  • Do I have a strong presence?
  • Is my content relevant?
  • Can people easily share the content?
  • Do I have workable links included?

Successful Conversion Rates

In today’s day in age when it seems like every dentist has a website, it can be hard to stay relevant and original. Including all of the above into your digital marketing strategy is key to converting a curious browser into a new patient. Because digital marketing and online algorithms are continually changing, it’s important to partner with a knowledgeable and professional dental marketing company to ensure your website is marketable and your strategy is successful.

We Can Help

Managing your website on your own while also providing superb care to your patients can be difficult. At Patient Prospectors, we want to partner with you to help create a well designed website that not only looks nice, but regularly brings in new patients and converts them into loyal clients. To find out more information, contact us today online or by calling 877-925-8007.



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