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Dental SEO – Why You Need IT

Dental SEO – Get More Patients Online


If you have landed on our page about dental SEO, chances are you are somewhat familiar with the whole concept. Even the most well-versed professionals still have questions about Search Dental SEO brings in new patientsEngine Optimization…it’s a strategy that never stops evolving. So what do we do that makes our approach unique? We have an advanced approach to SEO.

Our Advanced Search Engine Approach Includes:


Enhanced Keyword Research: Utilizing several analytics and keyword tools, we discover the most competitive keywords that are relevant to your specific practice. No two dental offices are the same so we work hard to find out what kinds of keywords might be important to you. We want to see your practice at the top of the most popular search engines.


Effective On-Page and Off-Page SEO: We thoroughly analyze over 100 on-page factors to ensure your website is 100% search engine-friendly. When your website is fully optimized, we then work to improve the off-page search engine optimization, because they work hand in hand. If your on-page optimization isn’t done correctly, no amount of off-page online marketing efforts can improve rankings. Having both aspects working together is the only recipe for success.


Content Marketing Strategy: We take pride in creating original content for each dental website we work on. There is no point creating a beautiful website if the content does not live up to how great your website looks. We create content with search engines in mind, but we write to not only lure your potential new patient to your site but also to engage and educate them so they know they’re calling a great dental practice. They are the ones who will be contacting you. The relationship between SEO friendly content and user-friendly content can be a delicate one, and we are skilled at keeping both sides happy!


Analytics & Reporting:  We at Patient Prospectors are experienced in creating customized ranking reports that will provide you with the insight into how things are performing.  This information will help you monitor the success of the strategy that we have in place. The data we see each month can shape the decisions we make to improve your online marketing strategy. Each month you will receive a report that will track your progress. From there, we will create further recommendations to help increase patients for your dental practice.


Your Rankings Matter to the Success of Your Business


Short-term wins never really improve a dentist’s practice or their long term goals. Just like anything else, you have to continuously work, measure, and improve what you are doing. Patient Prospectors takes pride in how we approach SEO because we focus on long-term goals. Ranking is a key part of the mix and we make it a point to focus on the improvement of your organic rankings!


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