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6 Questions to Ask Your Dental SEO Company Before Hiring Them

partnering with a reputable dental SEO company

To be successful in today’s dental marketing industry, it’s important to have a strong presence online. Not only does this include a savvy and user-friendly website, but a website that includes search engine optimization (SEO). Navigating the dental SEO world can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This is where a reputable and experienced dental SEO company can come in handy.

Choosing the right company to partner with is a big decision. However, there are so many to choose from, how do you know which one is the best fit for you? When considering a dental SEO company, below are questions to ask during the initial discussions.

Can I See Your Portfolio?

Hiring a dental SEO company is much like anyone else you would hire within your company. Before you hire a dental hygienist, you would review his or her resume, previous work experience, and even place a few phone calls with former dental practices to gain a better understanding on who they are as an individual.

In your initial conversations with dental SEO companies, ask how long they’ve been in business. You never want to sign on with a brand-new company. In addition, review their success stories, websites they’ve designed, and ways they’ve improved other dental practices within your area. The more reputable they are, the better your chances of achieving a successful outcome.

Do You Include a Social Media Strategy?

Social media and SEO analytics work together to improve your overall rankings. When interviewing your dental SEO company, ask them how they will incorporate a social media strategy into the overall marketing strategy. Having a strong presence on social medial channels, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram can increase your online rankings.

How Will You Bring in New Patients?

This is a good question to gauge how a prospective dental marketing company measures a successful SEO campaign. Although a well designed website and a strong presence online are key, if they aren’t giving you a return on your investment by bringing in new patients, then something isn’t working. The main initiative for any SEO campaign should be bringing in new patients. To help them in making this a goal, give them a better understanding of the number of calls, appointments, and subscribers you’d like to see each month. If your goals don’t match up, that’s a good indicator they aren’t going to be a good fit.

How Often Will I Receive Updates?

Online marketing provides an easy way to track success rates more so than traditional advertisement. When interviewing the prospective company, ask for a sample report you can expect to receive and at the rate you can expect to receive it.

An experienced dental marketing company should give you daily, weekly, and monthly trafficking reports on how your click rates are being converted to new patients so you can have clear visibility on how your resources are being spent. At the end of each campaign, you should have the chance to review what worked, what didn’t work, and ways to improve the next campaign.

If a prospective dental marketing company is vague on how they will update you, you can guarantee they will be even more so once you partner with them. A solid dental SEO company should be honest and straightforward during all their dealings with you.

What SEO Tools and Techniques Do you Use?

The best dental marketing companies offer a range of services that include skilled specialists in different fields. No two SEO campaigns are ever the same – what worked for someone else, may not necessarily work for you. A good dental SEO company will be upfront about that, and reveal a number of tools and techniques they can use to specifically help you reach your goals.

Because search engine analytics and algorithms are continually changing, it’s important to hire someone who stays up-to-date on the latest changes. You can gauge whether a company is familiar with the latest changes with one simple request. Ask them to describe two updates Google has made to their algorithm in the last several years.

Do I have to Sign a Contract?

Knowing all the fees, payment terms, and the legalities in advance are very important. This will ensure there are no surprises throughout your partnership and give you a clear understanding of what will happen when and if you part ways.

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