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6 Questions to Ask Your Dental SEO Company Before Hiring Them

partnering with a reputable dental SEO company

To be successful in today’s dental marketing industry, it’s important to have a strong presence online. Not only does this include a savvy and user-friendly website, but a website that includes search engine optimization (SEO). Navigating the dental SEO world …

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Four Ways a Great Dental Website Design Brings in More Patients

Man working on a great dental website design

Your dental website is the initial introduction to your practice. Once a prospective patient visits your landing page, you have about three to seven seconds to make a compelling impression. If your content and design are unappealing, or pertinent information …

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Dental Online Marketing Company

The tools needed to develop your online marketing strategy.

Because the average person can access the Internet almost instantly with just the push of a button, it’s important to invest your time and advertising resources into establishing a solid presence on the Internet. Whether you are new to the …

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Top Four Reasons Why Online Marketing is One of the Best Ways to Get New Patients

Growing your online dental marketing strategy is important.Today’s average person begins their search for a medical professional online using a search engine, much like they would locate a restaurant, consumer product, or a good deal on a hotel. The Internet is the updated version of “word-of-mouth” marketing. …

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