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Top 50 Keywords

Best Dental Marketing Keywords for Getting New Patients

Once you’ve decided to pull the trigger and market your dental practice online, one of the most important steps in getting your website ranked highly on the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is to research which dental marketing keywords are related to what you want your website to promote.  The number and the types of keywords depend on several factors such as what services you’re going to promote, what terms potential patients typically use to find dental services, as well as what keywords are the most popular.

Typically your keyword list will comprise of single words and phrases which often will also include the city where your practice is located.  For example the keyword “dentist” is one of the most popular words used when new patients are looking for a dentist office, but they often will search by geographical location, for example “Dentist Chicago”, “Houston Dentist”, or even “Dentist in Orlando FL”

Researching the right keywords for your type of dentistry is VITAL for your online marketing and search engine optimization plan and should be done by a qualified internet marketing expert.  Not doing so can result in wasting your marketing budget and not getting the results you’re hoping for.

Let the experts at Patient Prospectors help you find the right keywords to get your dental practice ranked high on the search engines, where your patient prospects are searching.

Keyword Avg Monthly Searches
invisalign 135,000
dentist 135,000
braces 90,500
root canal 90,500
wisdom teeth 74,000
dentist near me 60,500
affordable dentures 60,500
teeth whitening 49,500
veneers 49,500
dental implants 49,500
wisdom teeth removal 49,500
lumineers 49,500
toothache 33,100
gentle dental 33,100
dentures 27,100
invisalign cost 27,100
pediatric dentist 27,100
dental 22,200
emergency dentist 18,100
wisdom teeth pain 18,100
tmj treatment 18,100
how to whiten teeth 18,100
oral surgeon 18,100
bruxism 18,100
tmj symptoms 18,100
tooth extraction 14,800
cosmetic dentistry 14,800
tooth pain 14,800
dental implant cost 12,100
dental post 12,100
best teeth whitening 12,100
impacted wisdom teeth 12,100
dentistry for children 12,100
dental plans 12,100
tooth decay 12,100
dentistry 9,900
dentists 9,900
zoom whitening 9,900
family dentistry 9,900
dental implants cost 9,900
teeth whitening products 9,900
veneers cost 9,900
porcelain veneers 9,900
toothache remedies 9,900
root canal pain 9,900
dental crown 8,100
emergency dental care 8,100
dental bridge 8,100
implants 8,100
wisdom tooth pain 8,100

Let the Dental Marketing Experts Handle It!

Don’t leave your online marketing keyword research to chance.  Call the dental marketing professionals at Patient Prospectors.  We specialize in working with dentists like you and together we’ll build a growing and profitable dental practice.

Just give us a call at 877-925-8007 so we can help you grown your practice.

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